Green Pro MinneGrow Fertilizer 5-5-0

Features and Benefits of Minne-Grow •Incredibly high fertilizer content 5-5-0 with 5% iron 3%, calcium, and 1% magnesium • Slow Release Nitrogen feeds up to 10 weeks • Low burn potential • Great filler for fertilizers • Adds organic matter to the soil • Qualified as a EQ BioSolid, highest standards for BioSolids • Locally […]

LV™ – Low Volume Spray Enhancer

Water Conditioning Agent, Surfactant and Humectant When making applications at reduced spray volumes, each droplet of spray solution requires maximum performance. LV™ is specifically formulated for low volume sprayer applications. The powerful water conditioning system of LV is blended with a non-ionic surfactant to increase product and spray solution efficacy. Don’t let the water you’re using as a delivery […]

Chem-Stik LpH

Spreader-Sticker & Buffer A unique non-ionic spreader-sticker formulated to protect crop protection products from premature chemical breakdown by buffering the spray solution to a slightly acidic pH level of 5.0 to 6.0. Start with a 16 oz use rate and verify that desired pH level has been achieved. If needed, continue adding in 8 oz […]


Drive® herbicide, active ingredient Quinclorac, is a postemergence herbicide labeled for the control of many broadleaf and grass weeds. Drive 75 DF is absorbed by foliage and roots and translocated throughout the plant. To achieve consistent weed control, BASF recommends adding methylated seed oil to the tank mix; however, adding MSOs or adjuvants may cause […]


Managing water on large turfgrass areas can be challenging. Thatch, turf variety, topography, water quality, soil type, water supply and budget are obstacles turf professionals confront daily. Apply Magnaplex as a rescue treatment or as a proactive approach to water management. The infiltration surfactant in Magnaplex improves water penetration through aggressive turf and thatch, while […]


Faster infiltration means dryer surfaces, reduced leaf-wetness and uniform soil moisture for firmer, healthier turf. Reducing wilt frees time and labor needed to treat localized dry spots SDS Label


As the use of effluent water as a source of irrigation water increases, turf professionals are being challenged to use poorer quality water to grow high quality turf. Duplex is a unique surfactant chemistry that has significant chelation potential to sequester hard water ions, such as calcium carbonate. Duplex also significantly reduces the surface tension […]

Cascade Plus 0-0-20 Fertilizer

Cascade Plus™ Fertilizer 0-0-20 is a combination of potassium sulfate, calcium sulfate and Cascade Plus. It’s designed to improve turf stress tolerance, increase soil calcium content and improve water infiltration and soil hydration. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Contains potassium sulfate to ensure stomatal function and enzyme synthesis Supplies calcium sulfate (gypsum) that improves soil structure and […]

Cascade Plus 16G

Hp Water Infiltration Cascade Plus 16G is specifically formulated to increase both the rate and depth of water and nutrient infiltration on hydrophobic soils. Cascade prevents or corrects Localized Dry Spot (LDS) conditions for 4 to 6 months with a single application, making it the first true residual water infiltration system that gives long-lasting color […]

Cascade Plus 2.5 Gallon

CASCADE PLUS INCREASES IRRIGATION EFFICIENCY Limited water supplies, poor water quality and the inherent limitations of many irrigation systems, challenge turf managers to maintain and improve turf grass quality with restricted water use. Research shows that wetting agents are an effective tool in reducing water usage while improving water infiltration through the soil profile. A […]