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Below are Tessman’s most recent webinars. Please visit our YouTube channel to see all of our past webinars. 


Join us for a webinar as we discuss :

Income opportunities for lawn care management and service companies. Pricing models and profit potential with a focus on microbial aeration
C20 Soil Builder from Precision Organics:
Jerry Brown from Precision Organics presents how C20 soil builder can save time and labor while improving the play-ability and use of the grounds you manage.


Soil Surfactants with Precision Laboratories
Chip Houmes from Precision Laboratories will lead a webinar on soil surfactants such as Vivax, Triplo & Alyson Plus among others from our new product line.
Total Spray Droplet Management
Join us as Chip Houmes from Precision Laboratories talks about Total Spray Droplet Management. This will incorporate foliar surfactants, drift control, rainfastness, pH and bicarbonate from our new product line with Precision Laboratories


Join us for a webinar as we discuss the benefits of Nutrilife by Spring Valley.
Some benefits include: 
– Improved nutrient availability and uptake 
– Larger root mass 
– Healthier, more colorful turf 
– More efficient use of nutrients
– Reduced turf stress 
– Minimized nutrient runoff and leaching


How wetting agents help to enhance the effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides in lawn care.


Join Jeff Langner as he discusses the benefits of incorporating Turface into your soil for better playability. This will be helpful to everyone who works in turf–lawn, athletic, landscape, and golf.



Are you experiencing moisture issues, dry spots, or distribution issues with your turf or grass? Join us as we present ways to solve those common issues with our Aquatrols product line.


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