Tea, South Dakota

Stacy Hotchkin | Customer Service

Stacy joined Tessman in 2017 and has over 35 years working in the green industry. During these years she has worked in the family business doing lawn and landscape maintenance, landscape installation and design. Stacy earned her AAS degree in horticulture from Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, SD. After graduation, she was hired as a horticulture specialist at Southeast Tech where she managed the greenhouse and assisted with various classes.

Why Tessman? “I have always enjoyed horticulture and now I can assist others with getting products that will help their business to be successful. Tessman has great customer service.”

When not working at Tessman, Stacy enjoys gardening, camping, and spending time with her family.


Steve Jones | Greenhouse & Nursery

Steve joined Tessman in 2016. Along with a BS in Horticulture and a BS Business Economics from South Dakota State University, Steve has over 20 years experience in greenhouse production, sales and consulting. He has worked in small mom and pop greenhouses all the way up to 50 plus acre wholesale greenhouses. He prides himself on finding new ways to improve production practices. 

Why Tessman? “I want growers to do business with us because we are the easiest to do business with. We have what they want when they need it and we understand greenhouse/nursery production. We can offer advice based off of actual greenhouse work experience. I love my job because I truly enjoy the science behind greenhouse production. It is rewarding to help growers find better more efficient methods to produce high quality bedding plants.”

When not working, Steve enjoys pheasant and grouse hunting and home improvement projects. 

Steve specializes in spring bedding plant production, and his Tessman territory is western Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, western Iowa, and Montana.

Bill Newberg | Landscape

Bill has been with Tessman since 2012 and brings over 32 years of experience in landscaping beginning in junior high planting and caring for trees to sell. After graduating with his degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design, Bill joined Cliff Avenue Greenhouse and worked first installing landscapes, and then for 16 years as a landscape designer. His specialty is design and installation of landscaping as well as knowledge of any materials needed to complete them, incorporating low voltage lighting in landscapes, hardscaping materials and the many options, fabrics, and tools.

Why Tessman? “I have always loved the finished product in landscape design. To make a outdoor living space that demands you to spend time outside is awesome. We not only sell products they need, but have used them and understand the best way to utilize them. We always strive to find the latest greatest products.”

In Bill’s personal time, he enjoys RC airplanes, drones and cars, coaching his daughters in volleyball, drag racing, and he makes his own homemade salsa. Bill is also a low voltage outdoor lighting animation expert. You can check out his videos on YouTube here.

Eric Nielsen | Golf

Eric began at Tessman in 2010 and has over 20 years of experience in golf & turf, including research & golf course superintendent roles. His passion for the turf industry has helped many golf courses, lawn care operators, and municipalities succeed. Eric continues to provide agronomic solutions that challenge his customers to think outside the box to provide economical and excellent solutions to various challenges.

Why Tessman? “I enjoy offering solutions for the challenges that our customers face on a daily basis. If I can solve a problem with a product or service, we’ve succeeded together. Tessman provides great customer service with economical solutions for all of your needs.”

In his free time, Eric enjoys golfing and traveling with his wife, Shannon, and his two children, Emersen & William.