Drive® herbicide, active ingredient Quinclorac, is a postemergence herbicide labeled for the control of many broadleaf and grass weeds. Drive 75 DF is absorbed by foliage and roots and translocated throughout the plant. To achieve consistent weed control, BASF recommends adding methylated seed oil to the tank mix; however, adding MSOs or adjuvants may cause leaf burn on fine turf when relative humidity and temperature are high. Trials conducted at North Carolina State University show that MICROYL improves the performance of Drive without sacrificing turf quality.

MICROYL™ is a combination of a nonionic surfactant and synthetic oil that reduces injury to turfgrass, while forming a stable micro emulsion with no residue.
Use MICROYL with products like Drive, MSMA, Basagran®, and Sedgehammer™ to control weeds such as dollarweed, torpedograss and sedges in sensitive grasses such as creeping bentgrass.
MICROYL is a unique activator adjuvant that improves herbicide performance and speeds up herbicidal activity.