Lisa Dewey

The Tessman Company is proud to announce the addition of Lisa Dewey to our greenhouse and nursery team. Lisa begins September 16 as our Director of Growing Services and brings over 25 years of experience in the horticulture field.

While Lisa specializes as a bedding plant grower, she also has experience as a certified organic grower using biological insects with a focus on pest control. Lisa brings extensive knowledge on containerized trees, shrubs, perennials and can I.D. almost any tree, shrub, perennial, and native plant in zones 3 and 4 and diagnose pest and disease issues.  

A little about Lisa:

“I am a plant and bug nerd!  I love finding solutions to plant problems and helping people become better growers.”

Are there any cool, new trends you see?

“This season I have seen many young people (teens, 20’s, 30’s) in the greenhouse as houseplants have become trendy. I see that continuing into 2020 and the industry needs to keep that interest going through social media, events, etc. Hopefully that exposure will spark their interest in gardening outdoors also!”

Anything going away or changing?

“I see a bigger push to reduce chemical use and more bio control being used.”

What inspires you?

“Horticulture is always changing.  Every year, there are new plant introductions, new insect and disease control, and it’s always exciting for me to learn about new methods of growing.”

Why Tessman?

“It’s the next step in my horticulture career. [Coming from previous experience at a greenhouse] Tessman has been the best distributor to work with and really seems to care about their customers and their customers’ success.”  

We are excited for Lisa to join our team! Please offer her a warm welcome.

She can be reached at: 218-831-8792  and ldewey@tessmanseed.com