Marketing at Tessman & Lynde--Collaborating for Success

This inaugural newsletter kicks off today!

SEND ME YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS….please. 🙂 More on this below. 


I will be sending out an additional email with a link to a web page featuring our social media. You can copy and paste that link to an email and send it to your clients. It will be an easy way for them to just click on the links and follow us.

Please invite your clients to follow our social media pages. We will have product knowledge, webinar invitations, thought leadership pieces, as well as contests and fun stuff!

January 2019 Website Updates!

Website users Jan 2019
Organic (unpaid) Searches on Google
Page Views

The Tessman Seed website is currently under construction. With an increase in users (people visiting the website) of 63% over last month, it is important to complete this and is a high priority. Our bounce rate is also high, which means people who are coming to our website leave before having any interaction with it–this is not a good thing. The goal will be for them to stay and research on our website. First, we’ll bring them to a vendor page, then when they hover over the product, it will flip showing a bit more info. When then click on the product, it will go to the product page. Here are some pictures of what the new vendor and product pages will look like:

Vendor page
Product description flipped
Product info page

Email Updates!

We have sent out four emails to our greenhouse clients with an impressive 42% open rate! That means that of the 688 total emails we’ve sent (total of four emails per recipient) 289 were opened. And the more emails we send, the higher the open rate. The national average is around 30%, so this tells me that our clientele is interested in what is in the email and wants to read it!

Next up… Turf, Golf, and Landscape! Send me your contacts via an excel spreadsheet: 1st column–First name, 2nd column–Last name, 3rd column–email address. With this, we can begin to create a lead generation funnel and another point of contact. If you’re worried about messaging or not being the first point of contact–don’t be. I will list you as the sender of the email, and make sure you know of every campaign launching via this newsletter! 

 Need help exporting your contacts? Try going here for iPhones, and here for Android. Just a note for Android users: You will either have to import them all to a gmail account or download software to export directly to a csv file. Your choice–but either way works. 

February 2019 Initiatives

Marketing projects are all kept in a Project Management System called Airtable. From time to time, you may receive an update that I’ve tagged you in a project either for input or proofing. Please make sure you respond in the expanded comments section as pictured below. 

February initiatives include ice issues on turf and greens. Scottie Hines and Mike Zwisler have been kind enough to volunteer their knowledge on this and several other topics. If you have any input on future topics that you feel would be important, please email me.  

What will the initiative include? 

Scottie is writing a piece on how to keep ice from ruining your turf and/or greens. This will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as appear as a blog post on our website. I would love to email it out as well! 🙂 

What will this do? 

This will help our search engine optimization with Google to appear organically near the top of results in our region. It will also help to strengthen our reputation as knowledge experts, creating further trust with our clients and help to win over new clientele. 

But wait...there's more! What's next this year?

We launched the Instagram accounts: MidwestBeautifulLandscapes and Golf_the_Midwest. I would like to begin promoting these as a social media tactic for our clients to promote their products. They feed us pictures, and I promote with hashtags and either tag them if they have an Instagram account, or use their hashtag. 

This will instill trust and loyalty with our customers, all while being part of a beautiful visual to promote to their clientele. It’s super easy–just have them send photos with a brief description of what it is, and I will post away!

The more we post, the more we grow!

Lastly, take a look at our YouTube Channel. It is divided up into playlists, and I’d like to create one for videos like this one. If you look at the video I’ve included here, this is the type of thing I’d like to start doing for our clients and ourselves. There are many topics from “How to aerate,” to “How to repot a plant”.  All parts of Tessman and our clientele will benefit from these with brand knowledge, recognition, trustworthiness. 

What I need from you: Connections. I need people to appear in the videos! I will work with them to develop a script and give them whatever they need to make this happen.  

Some video topics for consideration for greenhouse:  (According to Penn State, these are the hot trends)

Growing herbs, Indoor Tropical Foliage plants, Air plants. 

For turf: Proper choice and application of herbicides for specific broadleaf weeds. 


Conclusion: Please send me your contacts. Please promote our social media to your clients. Please tell your clients to share their photos with me for social–landscapes can include beautiful turf! Please hook me up with prospective video partners.