YaraMila 15-15-15

• Balanced nutrition in every prill.
• Unique nitrophosphate production process.
• Poly and Orthophosphate content.
• Balanced nitrogen source.
• SOP based product.
• Rapid nutrient release.
• Excellent handling and spreading characteristics.
• Low dust in handling.
• Proven quality.

Every prill of YaraMila contains N, P, K in the same proportion, so there’s no segregation of nutrients. YaraMila® 15-15-15 also contains
sulfur to ensure optimum leaf chlorophyll content.

Balanced source of nitrogen YaraMila products include a balance of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, making them significantly more effective than urea or ammonium based fertilizers per unit of nitrogen.

Unique phosphate combination Yara’s nitrophosphate production process gives YaraMila products a unique combination of polyphosphates and orthophosphates. These forms give greater availability of soluble phosphate to crops over a wide range of soil types.

Low salt index potassium YaraMila 15-15-15 is based on Potassium Sulfate, targeted for use on high value crops. This low chlorine source of potash gives superior quality compared to standard muriate based NPK’s.

Superior Handling YaraMila prills are specifically designed to allow easy and accurate spreading by machine or hand.