Turf Royale 21-7-14

• Homogeneous, dust free prills with ideal N-P-K-S ratio for high performance sports turf.
• High concentration, with 2 types of nitrogen: Nitrate for quick response and Ammonium for lasting feeding.
• Low salt index, very safe for turf.
• Easy and accurate calibration.

Professional Turf and Landscape Fertilizer
Get a good start with TURF ROYALE 21-7-14 when establishing quality turf or feeding ornamentals. TURF ROYALE 21-7-14 provides N, P, and K the right way – ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, 100% available phosphate, and potassium and
sulfate-sulfur in every prill.

Split Nitrogen – Fast Response & Sustained Feeding
TURF ROYALE 21-7-14 supplies nitrate nitrogen for quick green-up even in cool weather, and ammonium nitrogen for sustained feeding.

The phosphate in TURF ROYALE 21-7-14 is highly water soluble and 100% available for optimal root growth, turf grass establishment and stress reduction.

Soluble Sulfate of Potash – Potassium and sulfur are used for maintenance of attractive turf in high traffic areas and to aid in resistance to turf diseases and weather stress.

High analysis –TURF ROYALE 21-7-14 contains N, P and K in the proper 3-1-2 ratio to sustain vigorous plants with high stress resistance.

Homogeneous Prills – no segregation of nutrients. Everyprill contains the stated grade of nutrients. TURF ROYALE 21-7-14 feeds accurately and uniformly without “hot spots” when applied through properly calibrated equipment.