Sprayers Plus YT 20 Hand-Held Compression Sprayer

The YT series is commonly seen on the trailer of professional landscape company as one of the essential equipment. Regardless of its capacity at 1, 2 or 3 Gallons, the YT Sprayer will deliver a great job with no doubt. It is equipped with the exclusive internal compression pump module which is highly durable when used in default approved application. Same as the other models in the Sprayers Plus™ family, the YT Sprayers is molded with high density polyethylene including UV inhibitor protection. It can espouse under the sun with high heat for a long enough period of time without any damage nor crack. The 5.24 Quick fill mouth opening reduces the risk of spillage while filling. With maximum 100 PSI and recommended working pressure between 15- 60 PSI, it is an ideal sprayer to be carried around in a daily basis.