Shark Bentgrass

Shark creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris) is a next generation 8 clone variety developed from persistent plants collected from the Northeast and Southeast United States.

Spreading by stolons and tillers, it is aggressive and establishes quickly, with a semi-prostrate growth habit and tight density that produces an attractive uniform playing surface. Shark is moderately dark green in color and holds that color well into fall with no purpling, It exhibits improved disease resistance to brown patch and dollar spot diseases, as well as tolerance to wilt stresses. Shoot density and competitiveness against poa invasion is excellent.

In both the NTEP fairway and putting green trials, Shark demonstrates performance that exceeds existing standard varieties. It ranks in the top quality grouping for both soil and and greens, under less than 1/8″ cut, and under reduced fungicides.

Density and uniform playing surface, particularly under summer stress conditions, is a key attribute.

For greens, fairways, and tees, look to Shark. It’s the superintendent friendly creeping bentgrass that combines versatility with dependable performance.

Shark Data Sheet