Radar Chewings Fescue

Radar chewings fescue is a recent release from the Mountain View Seed Research program to develop turfgrass varieties that combine density retention and pleasing visual appearance under stresses and lowered fertility.

Radar is dark green, in fact, the darkest of the fine fescue varieties tested. It has excellent disease resistance, particularly to red thread and pink patch, and is also endophyte enhanced. Tolerance to shade and traffic and wear adds to its versatility.

Left unmown, its compact height and seed head expression contribute to a wavy wind blown look frequently employed to enhance the appeal of golf course secondary roughs. Radar is widely adapted from the transition zone northward, either as a monostand or mixed with other fine fescues or cool season species to improve shade tolerance. Radar is also used in combination with ryegrasses for dormant winter overseeding when a more natural spring transition is desired.

Radar Data Sheet