ProCup Putting Green Paint

ProCup aerosol cans are used to efficiently spray paint freshly cut golf course putting hole cups bright white. ProCup cans fits on a specially designed metal bracket for easy of use and for even spray around the putting hole.

Official paint of the USGA


  • ProCup paint contains High solids for one pass coverage. Contains Extra bright pigments for enhanced visibility of the putting hole.
  • Ease of use, speeds up play, increases the rounds per day and gives the golf course a upgraded professional look.
  • Fits in a metal bracket provided to easily install cans upside over the putting hole for a even 360 degree spray pattern.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for all variety of grass and surfaces.
  • Will not kill, damage or kill any variety of natural grass. Safe for the applicator and the environment.
  • Extremely Durable, Low VOC’S, High Solids. One can will do 80 holes.