Overseeder II

Jacklin’s Overseeder II Mixture is designed for the renovation of turf areas subjected to damage from diseases such as necrotic ringspot, summer patch, Poa annua infestation or heavy traffic. This agronomic mixture was selected to produce an elite turf with broad environmental tolerance and is well adapted for golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns, and sports turf. Overseeder II will provide excellent spring, summer and fall vigor and superior turf quality.

Formulation: 70% Three varieties of Jacklin Kentucky bluegrasses such as: Award, Everest, EverGlade, Jackpot, Liberator, NuGlade Kentucky bluegrasses add regeneration capabilities due to their rhizomatous nature. Kentucky bluegrasses were selected for superior resistance to summer patch and leaf spot diseases, dollar spot, red thread and snow mold.

30% Two varieties of Jacklin perennial ryegrasses such as: Accent, Caddieshack II, Top Gun II The perennial ryegrasses establish quickly to effectively compete with Poa annua. They produce a tough, penetrating root system. Perennial ryegrass provides excellent wear tolerance and winter hardiness.

Seeding Rate: New Seeding 125 ‐ 200 lb/acre (140 ‐ 225 kg/hectare) Overseeding 75‐ 125 lb/acre (85 ‐ 140 kg/hectare)


  • Superior spring, summer and fall performance
  • Strong ability to recuperate after scuffs and divots
  • Excellent cold hardiness and tolerance to midsummer stress
  • Fine-textured turf with a rich dark green color
  • Excellent broadbased disease resistance