Mag Pellets


• Melts ice to -15°F/-26°C
• 50 lb. bags and 2,000 lb. totes
• Faster than other ice melters at melting snow and ice due to its unique hygroscopic action that
quickly attracts moisture
• Doesn’t blow or roll away like other deicers that use a flake or pellet form. Unique crystal shape
helps it stay where you put it
• Safer for concrete — causes significantly less cracking, scaling and spalling on concrete than
calcium chloride when used as directed

Awarded the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Standard, an EPA designation awarded to products specifically “Safer for People, Pets, and Property when used as directed.”

IceAway Max Green Magnesium Chloride has a unique shape that works on contact, penetrating ice and snow quickly. It’s safe for contact with people, animals, lawns and concrete when used as directed.