The ability of your infield to uniformly retain and move water affects the safety and performance of the playing surface.
IN-FLOW™ is a granular soil conditioner and surfactant that influences water’s ability to flow into and throughout the profile of infield skins. This helps sports turf managers find the desired balance between water
retention and movement, resulting in a better performing infield over a longer period of time.

Infiltration surfactant reduces surface tension for faster and more uniform penetration
Use less water to get optimal playing conditions
Reduces migration of infield material into turf
Hydration surfactant molecule attaches to soil particles and evenly disperses water
Maintains moisture level for longer
Enhances performance of calcine clay conditioners
Multi-functional carrier is readily biodegradable and improves profile structure
Beneficial for all surfaces, both turf and infield
Environmentally safe, economical, and easy to use