Jacklin Seed’s Heisman Mixture is the MVP of Seed blends. Our Heisman Mixture is designed for the discriminating turf manager who recognizes the value of seeding or overseeding with a high percentage of Kentucky bluegrass with limited perennial ryegrass. We believe this combination makes for the ideal turf and research has shown that Jacklin Heisman’s specific combination of bluegrass and ryegrass produces the optimum blend of tillers in the maturing turf.

Formulation: 85% of three top performing Jacklin Kentucky bluegrasses such as: Award, Liberator, Jackpot, NuGlade, Midnight 15% Jacklin perennial ryegrasses such as: Top Gun II    Areas of Use: Any high performance landscaped area such as golf course fairways, athletic fields and lawns. The perennial ryegrass in Heisman will provide excellent soil stabilization while establishing a dominant Kentucky bluegrass stand.

Seeding Rate: New Seeding 100‐150 lb/acre (115‐170 kg/hectare)


  • Superior tolerance to summer turf diseases
  • Excellent wear tolerance for long-term turf durability
  • Season-long dark green color