Enclave Flowable Fungicide

By incorporating our Combination Chemistry® Technology, ENCLAVE gives you four points of entering and protecting the plant. ENCLAVE safeguards your susceptible turfgrass with multi-site protection. It first coats the plants’ surfaces with a contact-action barrier that kills germinating fungal spores and keeps them from penetrating into the grass blades.

ENCLAVE also moves through the thatch and soil to be absorbed by the roots. There it guards against root diseases while also providing acropetal activity, meaning it works upward within the plant as water moves through. ENCLAVE’s systemic activity enhances protection by inhibiting new disease growth. ENCLAVE’s multiple modes of activity promote good resistance management along with superior performance.

In addition to industry-leading control of anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, spring dead spot and snow mold, ENCLAVE offers you industry-leading value. In fact, ENCLAVE can eliminate a wide variety of fungal pathogens all in one product, allowing your budget to go further. As the first fungicide with four modes of action, there are really no other products that compare to ENCLAVE. Nevertheless, ENCLAVE has outperformed many commonly used fungicide brands in numerous university field trials.