BioWorks Verdanta EcoVita 7-15-10

EcoVita is a complex of organic biological plant nutrients formulated into a homogenous microgranule. The low salt index reduces risks to plants and exceeds FSMA food safety guidelines for microbial contaminants and heavy metals.
Plant Nutrition | Organic Fertilizer: 7-5-10


• Ideal as a base nutrition for organic or conventional crops
• Microgranule formulation, (80% between 1 and 2 mm), means uniformity when incorporated at low rates
• Homogenous particles mean each microgranule contains the same nutrients
• Nutrient release begins within 3 days and can last 3 months in cool soils (60 °F)
• Use in a program with ON-Gard to maximize nutrient efficiency
• Compatible with most fertilizers, chemicals and biological products

The gentle release curve of EcoVita is suitable for a wide variety of crops.

EcoVita can be relied upon to provide complete nutrition for both organic and conventional crop programs.

Multiple components are blended together in a microgranule program a flat release curve.

Application & Usage