2DQ Herbicide

2DQ is a powerful three-way, post-emergent herbicide that provides control of 225 annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in both warm- and cool-season turfgrasses.

An easy to use liquid formulation

Features & Benefits
• 3 unique mode of actions
• Offers lower use rates
• Integrated faster control (5-7 days) of Clovers, Dandelions, Ground ivy, Plantains, Spurges, Wild violets, Speedwell and many more
• Safe to major turfgrass species
• Quinclorac in the formulation replaces MCPP (reduces the Phenoxy herbicide)
• Compatible with Preemergence Herbicides like Dithiopyr, Prodiamine and others

Active Ingredient
2.4-D, Dicamba, Quinclorac
Effective Against
Black Medic, Clover, Chickweed, Dandelion, Henbit, Knotweed, Oxalis, Plantain, Thistle, Spurge, Wild Onion
Use Sites
Residential, industrial, institutional lawns, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, golf courses, sod farms
4 x 1 gallon bottles
2 x 2.5 gallon bottles
Mode of Action
Absorbed by roots and foliage, translocates to interfere with plant growth and cellulose production. Moves both upward and downward to growing points of the roots and shoots