Prepping Landscape Beds

By Bill Newberg

The prepping of landscape beds can vary greatly between establishing a new area or maintaining an existing one.

If the new area to be landscaped has existing turf or unwanted greens, remove these first. This will allow you to improve or change grade, add soil amendments and reduce future weed pressures.  Choose either chemical or mechanical means of removing existing vegetation.

Once vegetation has been removed, now is a great time to address edging needs, drainage or grading issues. It is also the perfect time to add some soil amendments.

Planting trees, shrubs, flowering annuals and perennials in these areas may be the next step. The types of plants used may determine the types of weed barriers to use as well as pre-emerge chemicals or slow release fertilizers.  Manny choices of mulches are available and used for looks. These also help reduce weeds in your beds.

The Tessman Company sells many varieties of fabric (woven, nonwoven, and spun bound) in various weights and sizes and 6mil black plastic weed barriers. Several varieties and colors of mulch are available.  Pre-emergent chemicals and slow and quick release fertilizers are available to assist in these areas. We can help you choose the right product and the perfect time to use them.

Spring is a great time to maintain existing landscaped areas also. Start with removing dead above ground growth on perennials. Certain types of trees and shrubs can tolerate a Spring trimming. Remove old leaves and debris from the beds. If the beds have wood mulch, now is a perfect time to add a new layer of mulch. At this point, adding a pre-emerge herbicide over the surface will prevent weeds throughout the summer.

Whether it is a new bed or existing, maintaining these areas year after year can be challenging. Weed pressure, desired plant health and disease suppression are a few of the thing that will need attention.  

The Tessman Company carries all the products needed for these projects.  Edging options including plastic, aluminum, steel, concrete and rubber. We do carry the proper hand tools needed to install, trim and grade. We also carry many options for amending soil to improve plant health within these areas as well as plant health treatments.

Let us help you maintain your landscaped areas and keep them looking great year after year.

Bill has been with Tessman since 2012 and brings over 32 years of experience in landscaping beginning in junior high planting and caring for trees to sell. After graduating with his degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design, Bill joined Cliff Avenue Greenhouse and worked first installing landscapes, and then for 16 years as a landscape designer. His specialty is design and installation of landscaping as well as knowledge of any materials needed to complete them, incorporating low voltage lighting in landscapes, hardscaping materials and the many options, fabrics, and tools.

Why Tessman? “I have always loved the finished product in landscape design. To make a outdoor living space that demands you to spend time outside is awesome. We not only sell products they need, but have used them and understand the best way to utilize them. We always strive to find the latest greatest products.”

In Bill’s personal time, he enjoys RC airplanes, drones and cars, coaching his daughters in volleyball, drag racing, and he makes his own homemade salsa. Bill is also a low voltage outdoor lighting animation expert. You can check out his videos on YouTube here.