Overseeding in the Fall

Create turf you will be proud of

By Tom Thul

Let’s talk about overseeding turf.  Mid-August to Mid-September is the perfect time to seed. Whether you are a sports field manager or in the turf business, it takes a person with patience to produce and maintain quality turf. The sports field managers know adding seed to the mid-section of the field before games will ensure its ability to survive; called “cleating in” the act forces seed into the soil profile.  

A similar technique is used on commercial turf and residential lawns.  Like “cleating in” aeration and overseeding is another method to get the required soil to seed contact.  Aeration is considered necessary for quality turf and provides added seed germination.  It’s recommended to increase the seed rate 6-10 pounds per 1000 sqft. 

Adding millions of new grass plants to an already established lawn is a good thing.  New and improved plant varieties are more tolerant to disease, drought, and wear.   

Need to totally renovate  turf?  Slice/slit seeding technique should be used.  This technique is much more difficult, but it mimics field grown sod.  

For a complete explanation on Slice/Slit Seeding, I would recommend the following YouTube channels: “How to Revive a Lawn With a Slice Seeder” | This Old House

The Tessman Company stocks only quality turf seed; we carry improved varieties that guard against disease and drought.  Our varieties germinate quicker and have improved wear tolerance.  Overseeding is a win-win for all!  

P.S. Don’t forget a good fertilizer. And for bare area use an erosion control product.  

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Tom Thul has been with Tessman since 2001 first working at the will call desk and then in outside sales. Throughout his career Tom has learned every aspect of Tessman including the warehouse, inside sales, customer service, and outside sales. His thorough knowledge of our business ensures the best client interactions and relationships.