Open Graded Base

Save time and money

By Scott Wavrin

In our current challenging labor market, it has been necessary to find improved install techniques that perform in our climate.  Contractors that have made the switch to open graded base rave about the time it saves to build a patio. 

What is it and why should you consider it?

Most simply put, open graded base installation is a permeable paver base install used in place of a traditional paver base installation.  After excavation the contractor will compact the sub-base soil then put down a layer of separation/stabilization fabric (we recommend SS5 from SRW).  The base layer would be composed of ¾” clear angular rock (ASTM #57 Stone).  This angular rock has a high compaction rate (close to 90% compaction when you dump it in) allowing you to lay up to 6” of base before compacting.  The bedding layer would be composed 1” to1 ½” of 1/4” clear angular chip (ASTM #8 stone).  This bedding layer also has a high compaction rate allowing you to carefully walk on it without creating large footprints. 

Here is a list of the advantages to using this type of base:

  • The high compaction rate significantly reduces installation time and labor
  • It can be used for all product sizes
  • It is great for raised patios and steps because it eliminates sand washout
  • Less room for insects to nest under the pavers
  • Poor environment for weeds to root and thrive
  • The materials are workable in any climate or weather condition.
  • Water quickly moves through the base layer reducing patio movement and damage during freeze thaw cycles.

If you need further information on products or techniques, feel free to get in touch!

Prior to joining Tessman in 2015, Scott was a foreman at a local landscape company. He has been involved in all areas of sales at Tessman and has well-rounded knowledge in our product line and market necessities.
Scott’s strength is creating business partnerships with our customers that are mutually beneficial. 

Scott specializes in landscape sales, and his territory includes all of ND , Northern and Western MN