Edging: Plastic, Aluminum, Steel or Concrete Bullets?

What to choose for your projects

by Alexis Neppl

When it comes to choosing your professional edging, I think every landscaper will tell you that it all depends on the job. Plastic, by far, is the most popular of edging used in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it should be used for all landscaping projects. 

Let’s begin with steel. Steel is a great choice for areas that will need strength such as anything bordering concrete or asphalt. It is longer lasting, but be fairly warned, it will develop a patina over time. Some people enjoy the natural coloring that comes with battling the elements, others won’t. At Tessman, we sell Coyote steel edging. It is easy to install, maintenance free, made in the USA, and can be customized to your job. 

Next up, plastic! While it’s the most inexpensive and flexible, plastic edging can be difficult to install and can wear out easily over the wear and tear of heavy yard traffic. When choosing a plastic edging, make sure you choose a quality constructed plastic composite brand with a v-lip to prevent frost heave such as Valley View which will in turn last longer. You don’t want to have to replace edging on your customer’s project after just a few short seasons.

High traffic areas that require more structure are perfect for aluminum edging. It remains more flexible than steel to create the curves you may need around flower beds or curved walkways, while giving you a highly aesthetic result. Sure-Lok offers several choices in their Crisp-Edge and Sure-Edge lines with a variety of sizes.  With its lifetime performance along with no rust, crack or rot it’s sure to give your customers a look they will enjoy for years to come!

On to bullet edgers…concrete is sometimes forgotten when choosing a design to enhance walkways, patios & beds.  The unique bullnose design allows you to create straight and curved accent borders, while being durable and easy to install. While keeping a well-maintained landscape edge bullet edgers are easily replaced if one becomes cracked or broken amidst our frigid winters.

All of these edging options are great products in their own way.  Regardless of your preference, properly installed quality landscape bed edging gives clarity and significantly increases the level of visual aesthetics and most importantly adds value to the business or residence.  Let Tessman be your guide to happy customers!  

Alexis came to Tessman in 2018. She has 16 years of design, estimating, and project management experience.  After focusing on landscape, Alexis found her true calling that includes outdoor escapes and aesthetically pleasing landscapes that enhance a customers well being at their home or office.  Her passion to be involved in the whole process drives Alexis to help her customers attain everything they are looking for. She specializes in grading, lawn care, pavers/block, and lighting.