Suppress fungus gnats

There are options to grow your crops with value-added growing media which ENHANCE the use of fertilizer and water, PROTECT by reducing incidence of plant root diseases and SUPPRESS certain insects, including fungus gnats and thrips. Take a look at the PRO-MIX offer, with mycorrhizae and Bacillus incorporated. Read more: Thank you to Premier […]

Organic Crops

The makers of PRO-MIX have developed two formulations for the organic crops; one for seed starting and the other for growing plants in cell packs and containers. Both products comply with organic standards and are OMRI listed. Take a look at this article to know more. Thank you to Premier Tech Horticulture for being one […]

Premier Tech

Did you know that PRO-MIX growing media are designed to improve overall productivity levels in a spirit of sustainable development, by means of completely natural active ingredients, and responsible management of peat bogs? To learn more, click here. Thank you to Premier  Tech Horticulture for being a 2020 Road Show sponsor.

Greenhouse and Nursery

The Tessman Company is a supplier of horticultural supplies for Greenhouses, Nurseries and Garden Centers. We offer growing media, plastics, water soluble fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, PGR’s, greenhouse structures, heaters and many other grower supplies.