Enroll in Approach and get rewarded for your turf management purchases from Tessman. As an Approach member, you can earn points for your purchases that are redeemable for a variety of rewards.

October 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020
Points earned through May are available for redemption July 1, 2020

December 20, 2019

1. Visit to register OR Download Aquatrols Approach from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
2. Sign-up and membership to Aquatrols Approach is free after agreeing to the terms and conditions. Members will need a valid email, phone number and golf course address to register.
3. New members will be approved by Aquatrols and an email will be sent to the Approach Account Manager.
4. The Approach Account Manager will have the decision-making capability to enroll in the program and redeem points. Any additional Approach Users tied to the same golf course will be given an Approach User role.
5. Approach Users can only view information on Approach and cannot redeem points. If needed, an Account Manager can be reassigned by contacting Aquatrols.
6. Once approved by Aquatrols, authorized golf courses are eligible to view and redeem points directly through the Approach App.
7. Purchases must be made from an Authorized Aquatrols Distributor.
8. All golf courses must be enrolled in Aquatrols Approach by midnight December 20, 2019 to qualify. Existing members do not need to reenroll.
9. All products must be shipped and invoiced to the end user by July 31, 2020 to earn points.


1. Offer good on eligible product purchases made from October 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020 and reported by Tessman.
2. Point totals will be based on actual course purchases from authorized distributors, which have been invoiced and reported by distributor via EDI to TKXS. Paper invoices and spreadsheets will not be accepted.
3. Program year points will be eligible for redemption July 1st.
4. A minimum of 15 gallons or bags of product must be purchased during the program year to be eligible for Approach rewards.
5. Purchases made during the program period without enrollment will not be honored under the Approach program.
6. All product purchases in the Approach program must be invoiced to the end user by July 31, 2020 to qualify for Approach Points.
7. Purchases in the Approach program and invoiced prior to April 1st, 2020 will receive double their Approach Points.
8. All Approach submissions are subject to verification by Aquatrols prior to the participant’s Approach Points being issued.
9. Aquatrols reserves the right to discontinue, modify, or change any or all features of the 2020 Approach Program at any time.
10. Redemption period will begin July 1st, 2020 for purchases made through June 30, 2020.