Precision Organics

Precision Organics is the Gold Standard for consistency and performance in the tree care and landscape industries. Soil building and plant health products, it is scientifically verified performance.


LebanonTurf provides innovative and high performance products to the golf and landscape industries in North America and around the world. LebanonTurf is an industry leader in producing advanced technology fertilizers, grass seed and biological products. Golf course superintendents, lawn care operators, professional landscapers and sports turf managers count on LebanonTurf brands to make them successful in their endeavors to create and […]

Midwest Perlite

Perlite is an inorganic aggregate which plays a primary role in any growing mix. Each perlite particle is comprised of tiny closed air cells or bubbles. These surface cavities trap moisture and make it available to plant roots. Additionally, its porous structure allows air passages to form; making perlite a mineral catalyst that enhances the […]

Premier Horticulture, inc.

PRO-MIX® growing media are enhanced with high performance active ingredients and are considered a reference in the market as far as innovative and unique solutions. Finely tuned for growers who seek efficiency, superior plant quality, disease suppression and resistance to environmental stresses, PRO‑MIX® growing media optimize results. Choose PRO-MIX® products with MYCORRHIZAE™, BIOFUNGICIDE™* or both […]